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Sew Important started business in 2012 making weighted blankets and lap pads for toddlers, teens and adults in the Denver Metro Area. Sew Important was created when an Occupational Therapist approached us in of a need of affordable, comfortable and washable weighted blanket.




Weighted Blankets

At Sew Important we can create a weighted blanket specifically for you. We have a wide variety of material colors, patterns, sizes at weights to make your weighted blanket customized especially for you. In order to determine the appropriate weight for your blanket it will be important to figure 10% of your body weight and add 1 pound.




Blanket Styles














Additional Materials













*Materials with trademarked designs (™) may have a higher cost.



About Sew Important

Sew Important is a local family run business. Melissa Anema is the creator of Sew Important. Melissa and her husband George have four active teens. At Sew Important we value the opportunity to work from home and address the needs of our daughter that has epilepsy, while creating quality-weighted products that assists our customers. Sew Important would love to make a weighted blanket or lap pad for you!



Contact Us

Use the contact form below if you have any questions, comments, or would like to order a blanket. Please include prefered style, child's weight, and blanket size if you are interested in purchasing one. If you prefer sending an email, click here to do so.







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